How to: Classy, Fabulous Engagement Pics

10 Oct

Hey Everyone,

For today’s post the gals at Two Belles Events are going to talk a little about engagement pictures! If you want the classy pictures that will last a lifetime but are still trendy and modern then we’re your girls! Engagement sessions are a great way to spend time with your fiance and have a little fun. Relax and be yourself and you will love your pictures! Here are a few tips that we recommend to have the best engagement pictures ever! All pictures are from our actual engagement pictures!

What to Wear:

Most people chose to wear black or white for their engagement shoot, we highly recommend not doing this and going with a color instead! Don’t get us wrong black looks great if you have a show stopping accessory to show off. Great pair of shoes, statement necklaces, or a colorful scarf will really stand out against an all black background.

Bright colors will really make you pop against any background. The last thing any bride wants is to be lost in her own engagement pictures. We suggest wearing a solid color, or a very subtle pattern. This will create an overall slimming effect.

Make sure your clothes are fitted to you, as well. Just say no to that baby doll dress. When in doubt, throw on a belt!

Leopard heels really pop against a black palette

Olivia’s leopard heels add personality! Great minds must think alike! Deshae also wore leopard heels! Belt’s make any outfit 100 times more flattering, instantly!

Deshae Engagement Leopard

Deshae displaying hot leopard heels, as well as a statement necklace and a slimming belt!

One of the biggest mistakes a couple makes is thinking they have to match for their pictures. Don’t match, COORDINATE! When you wear the same color as your fiance, it makes it hard to see where you end and he begins.  Couple blob is a big no-no! Instead of wearing matching colors, wear colors that coordinate instead. Reds look great when paired with blues. Likewise, varying shades of the same color will also look great without looking like a two headed wedding monster. Talk about Bridezilla! If coordinating isn’t enough for you and you insist on matching then throw in a stripe or a subtle pattern, and match to one color in the pattern. Menswear makes it easier than ever to do this- patterned ties, striped shirts, blazers- the possibilities are endless!

Deshae’s pink really pops against her fiance’s blue!

Red and Blue look amazing together! And surprisingly doesn’t scream AMERICA!

Olivia’s orange and pink dress coordinates well with his pale peach button down!
Coordination is the key, not matching!

Hair and makeup:

You don’t want to look over done for your engagements, but you also would like to look a little nicer than you do to go to the grocery store. We recommend lots of blush and lipstick! Trust us, you might think you’re wearing too much makeup but in the pictures it will look pretty and natural. Some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten was from my mother: “Never leave home without lipstick and some earrings!” Words.To.Live.By.

Wear your hair how you look best. Normally wear your hair straight? Then wear your hair straight! You want to look like yourself, and you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable during your shoot. Big time glamour is for your wedding day!

Deshae’s makeup is beautiful without being over the top

Olivia wore her hair wavy and loose to match the more casual feel of the shoot.

Have some fun and show your personality:

The best pictures are the ones that really show the couple’s personalities! You can take pictures at places that are special to you as a couple, incorporate props, make silly faces, whatever shows your true selves. Smile, laugh, love! These are what make the best pictures and the pictures you will want to show off to everyone!

Pinterest inspired scrabble pieces lend a super fun and personalized feel to the shoot! It doesn’t hurt how darn happy Deshae looks here!

Olivia met her fiance at LSU law. It seemed like the perfect place to take pictures! Beautiful weather completes the picture.

Another pinterest prop: The ampersand adds a super cute touch to the picture, while showing off Deshae’s creative side!

One of the many services Two Belles Event Planning offers is on site engagement shoots. We will handle your wardrobe and any props you need, as well as assist you on the day of the shoot. Camera shy? Don’t worry, we will have you laughing all day.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!


Two Belles

P.S. If your man is extra shy, you can always hand him a glass of whiskey. 😉 Works like a charm!


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