Wedding candy bars!

7 Nov

Good morning Belles!!

Today’s post is all about CANDY BARS! This new trend is becoming more and more popular at weddings these days, and rightfully so!  These bars are a great treat (literaly) for your guests and are tons of fun for kids and adults alike!

Candy bars are also  an easy DIY.  Two Belles recently set up a candy bar at DeShae’s wedding and it was a hit! More on that in a later post.

In the mean time here’s some candy bar eye candy  to inspire  your own event!

Beautiful Gold and Pink Candy Bar

Two Belles is obsessed with this candy bar! It’s so elegant and fun at the same time! A good rule of thumb to really make your candy bar beautiful is to showcase candy in your wedding colors! Also have a mixture of tall and shorter vases to add depth to the table!

Sassy Black and White Candy Bar

How fun is this black and white candy bar? Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and incorporate some different elements on your big day! The wooden LOVE sign shows the mood of the event and the black feathers showcase this bride’s funky side!

All out GLAMOUR! Black and White Candy Bar

Who wouldn’t love this black and white glamour candy bar!! This is a perfect example how different touches can change the entire feel of the table!  Substitute sequins and feathers for classic white flowers and all black vases and you get a showstopper!

So you think candy bars are only for weddings?? Think again. Candy bars can be fun for fundraisers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties…you name it!

Fashion for Paws fundraiser!

How cute would this be for a little girl or boys birthday party??

Amy Atlas Candy Bar

And don’t forget CHRISTMAS!!! How perfect would this be for your holiday parties?

Christmas party candy bar

And a little teaser from DeShae’s own candy bar:

DIY Sucker Topiary!

In a later post, we will discuss all the elements that went into making DeShae’s candy bar, including a few tips on how to make this little beauty!

Don’t forget to contact Two Belles for all your event planning needs! Holiday season is coming up, no event is too big or too small for us!


Two Belles Gals

**Click pictures for sources.


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