Springtime in Paris~ A floral bridal shower (PIC HEAVY!)

5 Aug

It’s spring time in Paris. The flowers are blooming, the champagne is flowing, the Eiffel Tower is radiant, and you’re engaged! How could it be any better? Well, I guess I should clarify- we weren’t exactly IN Paris. But, we sure made this event feel like you were there. Here’s how we pulled off this “Springtime in Paris” Bridal shower for our very own “Belle”, Olivia!

As you entered the shower, you were greeted by a large Eiffel Tower atop a white candlelit café table. Everything about this entry way just screams “PARIS”!!!


Flower arrangements constructed and provided by Two Belles Event Planning

Make your way through the entryway, the flower theme continues.


How fabulous is this vintage birdcage display of flowers?

Two Belles is ALL about details. Big and small. No detail will go unnoticed! We collaborated with our bride to make sure her shower was everything she hoped it would be!


You KNOW we love a good monogram! Monogrammed chargers were a gift from a bridesmaid. We wanted to have a fun game for guests to enjoy without putting them on the spot. We created a personalized “Bride & Groom Mad Lib” for them to fill out! The bride and groom had some good laughs post shower!


Keep Calm & Love Paris


Check your diet at the door, the French-inspired, mouth-watering food at this party was sure to tip your scale a little. Ok, a lot. I must say, it was worth every calorie!

Food collage

Macrons Francais (French Macroons), Mini-Eclairs, Pralines, Fruits frais avec Trempette (Fresh Fruit with dip), Trempette aux epinards (spinach dip), Trempette Chaude Crevettes (Hot Shrimp Dip), Salade de Cesar (Caesar Salad), Sanchiches au Concombre (Cucumber Sandwiches), Sandwiches Salade de Poulet (Chicken Salad Sandwiches), Crevettes Epicees et Andouille sur le Gruau (Spicy shrimp and Andouille sausage over grits), Bac a legumes et trempette (Vegetable tray with dip)


Pink satin napkins with custom rhinestone napkin rings and silverware display by Two Belles Event Planning


Dessert table- Chantilly Berry cake, French macroons, pralines, eclairs, and more!


How “Springtime in Paris” were these flowers? Obsessed.


Fruit & Cheese Table adorned with more flowers and the couple’s engagement photos

Let’s be honest, we live in the South. It’s always acceptable to drink. Even on Sundays. So, we had a Champagne “Bubbly” Bar and it was a huge hit!


Whether you want fruit, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, or orange juice, you had plenty of choices here!


Streamer and Pinwheel backdrop for the Champagne Bar


DIY Chalkboard platters, flowers, pearls, and candles!


Champagne Bar again. Can you tell we sorta liked the way this turned out?


Flowers, candles, and Eiffel Tower adorned the food table and bar


Birdcage was used to hold the bride’s cards


Je T’Aime custom back drop for the bride to open her gifts!


More décor throughout the shower


Bulletin board custom decorated for the bride to incorporate her love for her fiancé and all things “Paris”!


Flower banner and Paris landmarks really took the guests out of Louisiana and into France!


The flower theme did not stop there! The guests took home “soap” in the shape of flowers!


A couple of highlights from one of our favorite showers yet!

We hope you enjoy Springtime in Paris from the comfort of your own home! Don’t forget, we have TONS of bridal shower ideas and would love to help you create and execute your next event! Contact us at twobellesevents@gmail.com for more info!

Thanks for reading!


The Two Belles Gals







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