“A Bride should be two things~ Classy and Fabulous”

19 Aug

First off, I have to say~ Happy “woulda been” birthday to the fabulous Coco Chanel! You forever changed the fashion world and taught us all the value of a good strand of pearls! From here into eternity, the world is just a little more classy because of you.


We gave our readers the option to chime in on what they wanted to “pick our brains” about. One faithful follower, Brittiny, wanted to know- “How do you bring a certain theme together without making it appear cliche?” So what better time than now to bring two of our favorite things together- themes and Chanel. In this post, we will show you how to master a Coco Chanel inspired wedding without being “literal” or “cliché”. And for those of you who like literal and cliché, we’ll throw some of that in here too! There’s nothing wrong with either style~ just a matter of opinion! Chanel herself did say, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different!” So we urge you to step outside of your Pinterest box and BE DIFFERENT!

Let’s pay homage to a few celebrity Chanel brides, first, so we can all be jealous and move right along!


Keira Knightley marries James Righton in a pale grey tulle, bustier dress from Chanel couture Spring/Summer 2006 collection. She was married on May 4, 2013 and her little tweed jacket was made by Mr. Karl Lagerfeld himself. Sigh, if only…

  If you’re going to go with a short and flirty look like Keira, might we suggest you pair it with a Chanel-inspired statement necklace?


Chanel was all about turning heads and this statement necklace will do JUST that!


Drew glowed in Chanel on her wedding day, channeling her inner Jackie O and looking just as stunning.

Or you may be looking for a literal “Chanel” pearl look. Then, something like this would work for you:


As far as your flowers are concerned, our PERSONAL favorite would be a customized bouquet from our dear friend at Bridal Brooch Bouquets!


This custom made bridal brooch bouquet is the perfect mix of vintage and glam needed to pull off your very own Chanel inspired wedding!

We all know YOU are the star on your wedding day (duh), but, there are a couple other special ladies that will be twinkling right beside you. Bridesmaids. Your besties. Let’s not stick them in a frock that Coco would just DIE over, and NOT in a good way. Instead, let’s stick to the colors that embody Ms. Chanel herself and go with something along these lines:


This beautiful Jim Hjelm blush and rose chiffon gown over ivory lining will have your girls feeling classy and fabulous.

Find this bridesmaids dress here! You can even get your bridesmaids smaller brooch bouquets as featured above! *SWOON*

Reception décor. It. is. EVERYTHING. It tells your guests what kind of bride you are. It sets the mood for your entire wedding. A simple mix of pink, coral, white flowers with blush, black, and white accents is the perfect way to achieve “Chanel” without throwing the Chanel logo on everything!


When in doubt, throw some pink, white, black, and tweed in the mix and you will have a perfect Chanel inspired tablescape.


For a more luxurious look, don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures. Adding different chair covers (with the right theme) can make such a big and elegant statement!


As far as we’re concerned, gold is a neutral! Don’t be scared of it! You don’t have to think “gold chain/Mr. T” when you think ‘gold’! It’s made a huge comeback and look how it pops against this brick wall! This look would be great for a shower or sweets table at a more rustic/glam wedding!

Now, if you’re a little more adventurous and bold, you may opt for inspiration such as this:



More inspiration like above can be found at Style Unveiled!

My personal favorite inspiration for a Chanel wedding is from Grey Likes Weddings (see pic below)


We think Coco would be proud!

If you really really wanna turn some heads, this Coco Chanel inspired wedding is just for you!


Birdcages with favors really set the mood for the “Paris” theme that embodies “Chanel”!


If your husband-to-be let’s you get away with a literal Chanel theme, you best run with it honey! That’s what this bride did and we say GEAUX BIG OR GEAUX HOME, right?


Luxury Chanel inspired invitations will have your guests on the edge of their couch cushions waiting to see the spectacular that will be your ceremony and reception!


Another more “literal” take on Chanel decorations…

More Chanel inspired pics from above can be found via Rachel Laclingen


You can still be Chanel-inspired without being literal! This set up just screams Paris in the 1920s. By adding chandeliers, blush tone flowers and uplighting, you can achieve this look and give your ceremony more modern twist with vintage elegance!

   Last but not least, let’s talk CAKES!


Classy- check. Fabulous- check. This pearl dripping cake is the perfect Chanel accessory!


This cake would work if you were going with a more black and white theme with blush/pink accents!


If you want classy, elegant, with a little Chanel tribute, this cake would fit the bill!


Or if you crave something a little more avant garde, this cake is definitely for you!

  At the end of the day, just remember:


We hope you enjoyed this classy and fabulous post! If you have a wedding theme and aren’t quite sure how to execute it~ We’re your girls! XOXO, Two Belles




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