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The Oster Wedding: Pinterest.Vintage.Perfection

23 Apr

The way we met Jennifer was very similar to the way she met her now-husband, Anthony- online! When we met with Jennifer and Anthony for the first time outside of cyber-space, we knew that we just had to help them plan their wedding! It was too original and perfect not to! Not to mention, their style, chemistry, and our connection to them were undeniable and we were happy to help their dreams come to life!


Jennifer is also a wedding professional (Photographer/Owner at Gallery 29 Photography) so we knew the stakes would be high! She has such an eye for the artistic and small details, it was going to be a match made in wedding planning heaven!

Brides, planners, and future husbands alike may find themselves searching Pinterest for wedding inspiration. We love when brides come to us, iPhones in hand, Pinterest page pulled up, and have a wedding “theme”! Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for brides but when you stick with your idea and theme, The Oster Wedding is what you get! This wedding was deliciously pinterest-y, vintage, DIY, and just all together perfection! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to stop talking and let her pictures speak for themselves…..


Wedding guests were asked to leave the newlyweds “well wishes” on their custom made Wishing Tree by Dubois Expressions!
Rachel Erin Photography

For a unique “guest book” experience like the Wishing Tree above, contact Dubois Expressions for your one of a kind tree!


Excuse the pic quality (from our iPhone), but this was the head table at the reception. Don’t you just love the idea and feel of an Art Gallery Wedding and Reception? It was so unique and amazing!


Rachel Erin Photography
Simple, Mason jars adorned with flowers made by the Groom’s Mother, tied with ribbon. Set atop gray and white table runners made by the Bride!

We used these to line the aisle for the ceremony and placed them on the table during the reception! This is a perfect way to get the most “bang for your buck” with flowers and centerpieces!


Rachel Erin PhotographyThe “Ring Bearer” nests 

As you see, this bride had a clear vision and she really went for it! She used birdcages on her tables, birds on her cake (wait till you see it!), and the ring bearers carried birds nests!


The cake by Kristen’s Cakery and cake topper by Mrs. Oster!

 Please contact Kristen’s Cakery for more information on this teal ombre wedding cake.


The Bride & Groom seats….always empty…they had a BLAST and never left the dance floor! A great sign for a great wedding!


Superheroes…I mean, Groomsmen! How creative and FUN!!


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oster!

Jennifer and Anthony, it was such an honor to be your wedding planners! We are happy to call you both friends and wish you a lifetime of happiness and many more adorable children!!! =)

XOXO,  Two Belles

PS: Happy One Month Anniversary today- 4.23.13! =)


DeShae, Leia, Olivia, Jennifer & Anthony


A Black & Gold Engagement

17 Jan

Hi Belles! We have been SO super busy but we’re finally taking a break to share all of the yummy goodness that was one of our very own Belle’s Engagement Party! Beau popped the question at Olivia’s favorite place in the world, Disneyworld, on August 6th and the planning quickly begun!

189437_2301585716480_401908503_n Olivia said YES to beau, she’s said YES to her dress, and we said YES to plan her engagement party! Olivia wanted something with an elegant flair and flowing champagne! As you know, we love flair and we love champagne. Challenge accepted. But what’s a modern day engagement party without a little Pinterest inspiration?

image_3 (2)

Mantle decor made by Two Belles to match the “black and gold elegance theme”

image_5 (2)

Welcoming the guests was a custom chalkboard platter! This can be reused to write love notes to your fiance! We love multi-use items!

The Bride’s parents hosted this grand affair with almost 100 guests, lots of food, king cake, and of course….A CHAMPAGNE BAR! We’ve done Candy Buffets, we’ve done wine bars, we’ve done sweets tables, and we’ve even seen whiskey bars for the boys. But, when a Belle gets married, it’s time to break out the big guns and make a champagne bar fully equipped with signature cocktails compliments of the Bride & Groom, champagne that never stops flowing, and a Two Belles signature, the Customized Pinwheel Backdrop.

photo (6)

Champagne Bar at a glance! Doesn’t this just have an elegant flair about it that you could just die over? Not to mention the yummy cocktails!

photo (8)

More chalkboard signage! Wouldn’t this be adorb as a wedding countdown sign or photo shoot? *sigh*

photo (7)

Whether it was Champagne on the rocks that you preferred or wanted to try a new cocktail blend, this party had it all!

 For researching purposes only, I tried one of each. “The Blushing Bride” (Peach Schnapps, Champagne & Grenadine), “Black Velvet” (Guiness & Champagne), and of course, Champagne al classico! I know what you’re thinking. Guiness & Champagne? Trust me! I’m not a Guiness drinker and it was amaze! Even had to go on a beer run for the party because it was an instant hit with young, old, girls, and guys alike! You can thank us later!


Here’s another shot of the Champagne bar, drink ingredients, candles to set the mood, and of course our customized pinwhell backdrop!


What Bride & Groom wouldn’t LOVE these?

If you’re not a champagne drinker (let’s be honest. It’s the south and everyone enjoys a good cocktail on a Louisiana Saturday Night!), you could enjoy wine from the wine bar or lots of food prepared by family and friends of the adorable-future-lawyers-couple!


Lots of options for the Wino’s!

photo (4)

Jambalaya, Pinwheels, Sandwiches, Spring Rolls, Fruits & Veggies made for quite a spread!

photo (1)

Future Mr & Mrs Byers! P.S: Wouldn’t you kill for Olivia’s waistline? If you want Olivia’s waistline, do not eat the products in the following pictures….You have been warned.

In Louisiana on a Saturday in January, no party is complete without KING CAKE and other misc sweets!

image_1 (2) image_2 (2)

We hope you enjoyed this black and gold affair as much as we did!


The Two Belles Team

photo (9)

How SWEET it is~ A Candyland Birthday Party *PIC HEAVY*

17 Dec

When our client came to us with an idea for this party, we took it and ran with it! She had been wanting to throw 2 of her girls a joined-party for about 3 years and we knew we had to make it perfect! What’s the logical thing to do? Turn her entire house into a giant candyland board, of course! Ok, so logical we aren’t. But we throw a darn good party and that’s all that matters, right?

Walking up the front walkway, you are surrounded by giant lollipops! Imagine walking through this walkway as a small child!


Then, you get to the front door and “Mom” had the front door decorated SO cute before we got there that we just had to share!


Deco-mesh decor topped off with Gingerbread hangings & Gingerbread wreaths from Hobby Lobby!

If you think that stuff is cute, wait till you see the birthday girls! They are too cute for words! Oh, and the decorations were pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves! Once you walked through the house and into the patio area, your life sized candyland board awaits you!  100_4483Gumdrop wreaths made by Two Belles framed the two doors that welcomed you to Candyland!

100_4467 100_4470

We laid down “game tiles” to make the kids feel like they were a part of the board.  It was so cute to see them walk so carefully on the board! The multicolored game path led the guests through different Candyland “stations” and to “Candy Castle” (bounce house)

Now, Let’s tell you about the stations! We didn’t include all of the Candyland stations, but we included the most important ones! (No Peanut Trail for this party due to a peanut allergy!) The first station the path led you to was the Gingerbread Station.

100_4484 100_4485

The Gingerbread station was decorated with burlap and red with gingerbread and candy accents. The party goers were able to decorate their own gingerbread ornament at this station. There were also gingerbread suckers and gingerbread cookies on this station for them to enjoy while they were “crafting”.

100_4487 100_4486

A close up of the “Gingerbread Trees” station. FYI: The gingerbread on the right does NOT have 4 arms. That’s a female gingerbread. Took us a second to figure that one out. (And by “us”, I mean, Olivia!) Next station: Lollipop & Gumdrop!


Welcome to Lollipop Woods! The dum dum topiary was made by Two Belles.

100_4489 100_4490

The party goers were able to color their own “Princess Lolli” coloring sheet while they waited for their face to be painted!

Lollipop decor was plentiful!

100_4546 100_4560

Two Belles even wanted to get in on the face painting action!

100_4561 100_4562 100_4553

Lollipop face paintings! The sweetie in the center is one of the birthday girls. Her friend (far right) shows off her coloring skills!

Next stop: Gumdrop Mountains!

100_4495 100_4492

The gumdrop mountains were right next to lollipop woods! Party goers were able to color the gumdrop character and enjoy some gumdrops while they waited to get their face painted. Next stop on the board: Peppermint Forest!

100_4496 100_4497 100_4498

At Peppermint Forest, guests were able to decorate their own sugar cookies! Baked by yours truly! See the peppermint tree? Apparently when you leave peppermints outside, they sweat all the red off. Who knew! So, now we have an “ombre” peppermint tree! It still works, right?

Next up: Our FAVORITE station- The Candy Buffet! Couldn’t you just DIE for the backdrop made by Two Belles?



A close up of the backdrop adorned with pinwheels handcrafted by Two Belles!

  100_4500100_4503 100_4506

L: Candy sign draped across the front. Middle: Candy bracelets, Skittles, & Gingerbread Pops. R: Candy bracelets, Sour Strips & XL Pixie Sticks with the Candy Buffet sign lined in gumdrops!

100_4505 100_4502100_4504

L: Gum Drops, Starbursts & Peppermints. Middle: Jelly Beans, Marshmallow Sticks & Gummy Bears. R: Rainbow Candy Canes, Mints & Starbursts! Next stop: Chocolate Swamp!

Chocolate Swamp with fresh fruit and skewers for chocolate fondue! Yummy

We just love seeing the party goers enjoy the chocolate fountain! The picture to our right is just TOO adorable!


Since most kids don’t enjoy “licorice”, we decided to do “Pin The Moustache on Lord Licorice” as a game for the kids to enjoy! We printed and cut out different styles of moustaches for them and they had a blast with them! (See below!)



They’re so cute, even with moustaches!

After the Lord Licorice station, the path led to the “Candy Castle”! The kids had lots of fun and so did we!



What would a Candyland party be without the actual game for them to play?


100_4519100_4520  100_4515

This was some of the decor used leading up to Candy Castle! “Mom” colored each character!

So let’s take a step back inside and see the “cake” table and the amazing table skirt made by Two Belles & the Candyland themed cake decorated by “Mom”!


Tutu table skirt custom-made to match the party colors. Don’t forget, we can custom make you your own tutu table skirt! Just let us know the size and colors you would like! (twobellesevents@gmail.com)


Precious themed plates and cutlery for the party!


The table skirt in its entirety. It was SO fabulous and got lots of compliments! How cute would this be in school colors for a tailgate party?


How cute does this look!! Check out the custom ice cream cones hanging from the light fixture! More on those below..

     100_4478 100_4479


The custom-made cake by “Mom”. She did a FABULOUS job!!!


A wide shot of the candyland stations!


“Mom” didn’t want the kids to get cavities from allll the candy the kids ate, so they went home with a tootsie roll piggy bank, toothbrush & toothpaste! What a CUTE idea! We LOVE!

We hope you enjoyed our Candyland party as much as we did!


The Two Belles Team


Big Top Birthday Party *Pic Heavy*

10 Dec

It’s no secret that we LOVE all things weddings here at Two Belles. But that doesn’t mean we don’t love a good birthday party! When we started planning this party with this master DIY Mom, we knew right away that it was going to be one for the books! She had SO many great ideas (lots of inspired lovelies!) and we were able to help her execute them fabulously! So, STEP RIGHT UP…..and enjoy all of the goodness that was Eli’s 1st Birthday Party Circus Extravaganza!


This yard sign welcomed guests to the party and immediately gave you that “carnival” feel


“1” on the door DIY’d by the Birthday Boy’s Mom!

It’s not a circus without a Big Top, right? Well, we transformed the dining room into our very own “big top”! It was a huge success and set the party off to a great start!


The yellow balloons really popped (not literally) against the red and white big top!


The candy buffet (more on that up next..) and the gift table under the big top. How fabulous does this look?


We’re sort of obsessed with the way this came out! Wouldn’t you be?

Ok, we’ve shown enough teaser shots of the SWEET candy buffet. So let’s talk about it!

Pixie Stix, cotton candy, and Cracker Jacks~ OH MY! This candy buffet was FULL of circus sweets! Gumball machines were used as decorations and as a container on the candy buffet. Just looking at the set up will take you immediately to the circus!

100_4412The birthday boy on the wall! This was the “guest book” for guests to sign. On the candy buffet you can see~ cracker jacks, M&Ms, skittles, suckers, Mike & Ike’s, gummy bears, mints, laffy taffy, pixie stix and more! Multi colored wrapped boxes were used to add height variation to the set up.


Cotton candy hung from the walls. Birthday hats got everyone in the birthday spirit!


This circus train decor served as decoration during the party and a toy for the birthday boy after! Plus it gives this vintage circus vibe that we just LOVE!

What’s a circus/carnival without GAMES? At each game station, you received “tickets.” At the end of the party, each guests turned their tickets in to redeem a goody bag prize! This was an additional prize besides the popcorn decorated  boxes full of misc items! This Mom really wanted her childs guests to leave with several presents! What lucky guests!


Tickets were given out to each guest as they played the carnival games!


Customized “Plinko” game!


Pin the nose on the clown!


Go fishin’!


Ring Toss!

On the other side of the house, under the carport, the adults were able to enjoy the sights of the party and the smell of warm popcorn! If the games weren’t enough entertainment, the kids were surely to be entertained in the bouncy house!


Clown themed spacewalk!

peanuts 1

Peanuts were just one of the yummy snacks to enjoy at the party! You could also indulge in Chili Cheese Nachos (WE DID and they were SO worth every calorie!), Corn dogs, Pickles, Popcorn and of course~ Birthday cake!


These buckets were painted by Two Belles! We wanted to add a little something to the plain peanut pails!


Popcorn machine was poppin’ throughout the whole party!


Yummy, buttery, goodness

When you’re throwing a party, it’s all about the details right? Well, that’s our specialty! We wanted to create a “Faux-To” Booth for adults and kids alike to enjoy and have a memento to remember the party by. Eli’s Mom also collected “props” for them to use!


Props for the Faux-To Booth included clown wigs, noses, glasses, oversized bowties, and more!


These guests had a blast with the props and in the Faux-To (photo) booth!


The “RingMaster” got in on the action too! Couldn’t you just die for his little outfit?


If the Faux-To Booth wasn’t your style, feel free to “Picture” yourself here!


Face Painting was also available! There was SO much to do! It was a blast!


Last but not least, the birthday boys throne! Mom made the high chair decor. Two Belles made the birthday boys hat!


The birthday boy had an outfit change! Customized onesie with blue suspenders, red necktie, and yellow “1”. He wore red pants and his birthday hat.


His “Just for Me” cake!


Cake table with more party favors!


Last but not least, the clown pinata holding 10 MORE pounds of candy!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your 1st birthday party, Eli. Mandy, I hope everything was just the way you wanted it to be. Thanks for our gift basket!

We hope you enjoyed this Circus party as much as we did!


The Two Belles Team