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The Oster Wedding: Pinterest.Vintage.Perfection

23 Apr

The way we met Jennifer was very similar to the way she met her now-husband, Anthony- online! When we met with Jennifer and Anthony for the first time outside of cyber-space, we knew that we just had to help them plan their wedding! It was too original and perfect not to! Not to mention, their style, chemistry, and our connection to them were undeniable and we were happy to help their dreams come to life!


Jennifer is also a wedding professional (Photographer/Owner at Gallery 29 Photography) so we knew the stakes would be high! She has such an eye for the artistic and small details, it was going to be a match made in wedding planning heaven!

Brides, planners, and future husbands alike may find themselves searching Pinterest for wedding inspiration. We love when brides come to us, iPhones in hand, Pinterest page pulled up, and have a wedding “theme”! Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for brides but when you stick with your idea and theme, The Oster Wedding is what you get! This wedding was deliciously pinterest-y, vintage, DIY, and just all together perfection! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to stop talking and let her pictures speak for themselves…..


Wedding guests were asked to leave the newlyweds “well wishes” on their custom made Wishing Tree by Dubois Expressions!
Rachel Erin Photography

For a unique “guest book” experience like the Wishing Tree above, contact Dubois Expressions for your one of a kind tree!


Excuse the pic quality (from our iPhone), but this was the head table at the reception. Don’t you just love the idea and feel of an Art Gallery Wedding and Reception? It was so unique and amazing!


Rachel Erin Photography
Simple, Mason jars adorned with flowers made by the Groom’s Mother, tied with ribbon. Set atop gray and white table runners made by the Bride!

We used these to line the aisle for the ceremony and placed them on the table during the reception! This is a perfect way to get the most “bang for your buck” with flowers and centerpieces!


Rachel Erin PhotographyThe “Ring Bearer” nests 

As you see, this bride had a clear vision and she really went for it! She used birdcages on her tables, birds on her cake (wait till you see it!), and the ring bearers carried birds nests!


The cake by Kristen’s Cakery and cake topper by Mrs. Oster!

 Please contact Kristen’s Cakery for more information on this teal ombre wedding cake.


The Bride & Groom seats….always empty…they had a BLAST and never left the dance floor! A great sign for a great wedding!


Superheroes…I mean, Groomsmen! How creative and FUN!!


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oster!

Jennifer and Anthony, it was such an honor to be your wedding planners! We are happy to call you both friends and wish you a lifetime of happiness and many more adorable children!!! =)

XOXO,  Two Belles

PS: Happy One Month Anniversary today- 4.23.13! =)


DeShae, Leia, Olivia, Jennifer & Anthony


Dreaming of a White Wonderland (Wedding)-Pic Heavy!

3 Dec

Good morning Belles!

I’m sure many of you always dreamed of your perfect wedding as a child. Big white dress, flowers every where, Prince Charming waiting at the end of aisle. For me, I’ve always dreamed of having a winter wedding, all white full of snow and crystal! Alas, as we sit in 75 degree weather here is south Louisiana, I realize that dream is never going to happen. Since we always want what we can’t have, let’s day dream about the wedding we could never have.

Here are some beautiful all white winter weddings, snow and all, that Two Belles is currently obsessing over:

Starting with the ceremony, these bare white branches bring you into a fairy tail. They immediately set the occasion and mood, and you feel as if you are walking into a wintery forrest.

White Wonderland Ceremony

White Wonderland Ceremony

White Winter Ceremny

White Winter Ceremny

And of course, bridesmaid without fur would not suffice! How cute is this! Cute and functional, can’t beat that!

White fur capelets for bridesmaids!

White fur capelets for bridesmaids!

On to the reception: A winter wedding is the perfect time to go over the top with flowers and crystals! There’s no such thing as a casual winter wedding and this gives you permission to go as over the top as you want! Imagine walking into a room like this! What bride wouldn’t die over this?

Reception filled with flowers! I die.

Reception filled with flowers! I die.

And just because you can’t go this over the top doesn’t mean you still can’t be fabulous! More shots of  “simpler” table decor:

Pretty and glam white tables

Pretty and glam white tables

GLAM White wedding table!

GLAM White wedding table!

And don’t forget the cake!

GLAM Winter Wedding Cakes

GLAM Winter Wedding Cakes

And a horse and carriage to drive me away! I really am dreaming now!

Dream! Amazing white winter wedding!

Dream! Amazing white winter wedding!

So, what if an all white winter wedding isn’t what you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe your taste is a little differnt (in a good way). Baam! Black and Gold Winter old Hollywood style wedding. A black and gold themed wedding is sophisticated but has just enough playfulness to keep from being stuffy. I’ve loved this style for a while. The bride that goes for the black and gold wedding is stylish, classy, and possibly a huge Saints fan. We love it, let us know if you love it too!

To Die For black gold table

To Die For black gold table

Gold and Black Wedding. So technically fall but who's counting!

Gold and Black Wedding. So technically fall but who’s counting!

And the cake! OMG these cakes! I have been obsessed with the middle cake for way too long now!

Art Deco Black Gold Cakes

Art Deco Black Gold Cakes

A few more details because I couldn’t help myself but throw a little bit of my girly side in:

Adorable Bride and Groom seats! DIY too!

Adorable Bride and Groom seats! DIY too!

How cute is this bow!

Perfect mix of girly and glam! Black and gold bow

Perfect mix of girly and glam! Black and gold bow!

That’s it for our dream of a winter wedding! Let us know what you think. How do you imagine your dream wedding?


The Two Belles Gals

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