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Springtime in Paris~ A floral bridal shower (PIC HEAVY!)

5 Aug

It’s spring time in Paris. The flowers are blooming, the champagne is flowing, the Eiffel Tower is radiant, and you’re engaged! How could it be any better? Well, I guess I should clarify- we weren’t exactly IN Paris. But, we sure made this event feel like you were there. Here’s how we pulled off this “Springtime in Paris” Bridal shower for our very own “Belle”, Olivia!

As you entered the shower, you were greeted by a large Eiffel Tower atop a white candlelit café table. Everything about this entry way just screams “PARIS”!!!


Flower arrangements constructed and provided by Two Belles Event Planning

Make your way through the entryway, the flower theme continues.


How fabulous is this vintage birdcage display of flowers?

Two Belles is ALL about details. Big and small. No detail will go unnoticed! We collaborated with our bride to make sure her shower was everything she hoped it would be!


You KNOW we love a good monogram! Monogrammed chargers were a gift from a bridesmaid. We wanted to have a fun game for guests to enjoy without putting them on the spot. We created a personalized “Bride & Groom Mad Lib” for them to fill out! The bride and groom had some good laughs post shower!


Keep Calm & Love Paris


Check your diet at the door, the French-inspired, mouth-watering food at this party was sure to tip your scale a little. Ok, a lot. I must say, it was worth every calorie!

Food collage

Macrons Francais (French Macroons), Mini-Eclairs, Pralines, Fruits frais avec Trempette (Fresh Fruit with dip), Trempette aux epinards (spinach dip), Trempette Chaude Crevettes (Hot Shrimp Dip), Salade de Cesar (Caesar Salad), Sanchiches au Concombre (Cucumber Sandwiches), Sandwiches Salade de Poulet (Chicken Salad Sandwiches), Crevettes Epicees et Andouille sur le Gruau (Spicy shrimp and Andouille sausage over grits), Bac a legumes et trempette (Vegetable tray with dip)


Pink satin napkins with custom rhinestone napkin rings and silverware display by Two Belles Event Planning


Dessert table- Chantilly Berry cake, French macroons, pralines, eclairs, and more!


How “Springtime in Paris” were these flowers? Obsessed.


Fruit & Cheese Table adorned with more flowers and the couple’s engagement photos

Let’s be honest, we live in the South. It’s always acceptable to drink. Even on Sundays. So, we had a Champagne “Bubbly” Bar and it was a huge hit!


Whether you want fruit, Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, or orange juice, you had plenty of choices here!


Streamer and Pinwheel backdrop for the Champagne Bar


DIY Chalkboard platters, flowers, pearls, and candles!


Champagne Bar again. Can you tell we sorta liked the way this turned out?


Flowers, candles, and Eiffel Tower adorned the food table and bar


Birdcage was used to hold the bride’s cards


Je T’Aime custom back drop for the bride to open her gifts!


More décor throughout the shower


Bulletin board custom decorated for the bride to incorporate her love for her fiancé and all things “Paris”!


Flower banner and Paris landmarks really took the guests out of Louisiana and into France!


The flower theme did not stop there! The guests took home “soap” in the shape of flowers!


A couple of highlights from one of our favorite showers yet!

We hope you enjoy Springtime in Paris from the comfort of your own home! Don’t forget, we have TONS of bridal shower ideas and would love to help you create and execute your next event! Contact us at twobellesevents@gmail.com for more info!

Thanks for reading!


The Two Belles Gals







The Oster Wedding: Pinterest.Vintage.Perfection

23 Apr

The way we met Jennifer was very similar to the way she met her now-husband, Anthony- online! When we met with Jennifer and Anthony for the first time outside of cyber-space, we knew that we just had to help them plan their wedding! It was too original and perfect not to! Not to mention, their style, chemistry, and our connection to them were undeniable and we were happy to help their dreams come to life!


Jennifer is also a wedding professional (Photographer/Owner at Gallery 29 Photography) so we knew the stakes would be high! She has such an eye for the artistic and small details, it was going to be a match made in wedding planning heaven!

Brides, planners, and future husbands alike may find themselves searching Pinterest for wedding inspiration. We love when brides come to us, iPhones in hand, Pinterest page pulled up, and have a wedding “theme”! Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful for brides but when you stick with your idea and theme, The Oster Wedding is what you get! This wedding was deliciously pinterest-y, vintage, DIY, and just all together perfection! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’m going to stop talking and let her pictures speak for themselves…..


Wedding guests were asked to leave the newlyweds “well wishes” on their custom made Wishing Tree by Dubois Expressions!
Rachel Erin Photography

For a unique “guest book” experience like the Wishing Tree above, contact Dubois Expressions for your one of a kind tree!


Excuse the pic quality (from our iPhone), but this was the head table at the reception. Don’t you just love the idea and feel of an Art Gallery Wedding and Reception? It was so unique and amazing!


Rachel Erin Photography
Simple, Mason jars adorned with flowers made by the Groom’s Mother, tied with ribbon. Set atop gray and white table runners made by the Bride!

We used these to line the aisle for the ceremony and placed them on the table during the reception! This is a perfect way to get the most “bang for your buck” with flowers and centerpieces!


Rachel Erin PhotographyThe “Ring Bearer” nests 

As you see, this bride had a clear vision and she really went for it! She used birdcages on her tables, birds on her cake (wait till you see it!), and the ring bearers carried birds nests!


The cake by Kristen’s Cakery and cake topper by Mrs. Oster!

 Please contact Kristen’s Cakery for more information on this teal ombre wedding cake.


The Bride & Groom seats….always empty…they had a BLAST and never left the dance floor! A great sign for a great wedding!


Superheroes…I mean, Groomsmen! How creative and FUN!!


Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oster!

Jennifer and Anthony, it was such an honor to be your wedding planners! We are happy to call you both friends and wish you a lifetime of happiness and many more adorable children!!! =)

XOXO,  Two Belles

PS: Happy One Month Anniversary today- 4.23.13! =)


DeShae, Leia, Olivia, Jennifer & Anthony

The perfect glitzy, southern wedding!

8 Jan

Good morning belles!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and happy new year! We are starting 2013 off with a bang!
First, we launched our website! Check it out: http://www.twobellesevents.com
Second, we’ve finally gotten pictures back from the photographer from DeShae’s wedding. So feist your eyes, this post is going to be pic heavy!

Beautiful alter is a wedding statement must!

Beautiful alter is a wedding statement must!


Backdrop doubled as a cake display for the reception!



The bridal party! Doesn’t that blue just pop against the all white background?!


Glitzy centerpieces for a fabulous bride!


Close up of the flowers. Pink roses, hydrangeas, and green berries!


Candy bars are always a hit by kids and adults alike.


Friends don’t let friends dance on a sugar high! It doesn’t get much cuter than that!


DIY dum dum topiaries!


Fabulous chair covers by add to the affair!



One last shot of the cake table! Couldn’t you just die for that rosette tablecloth?! Oh, and a sneak peak of the brooch bouquet carried by the bride!

Photography by Layne Photography

Chair Covers and Rosette Tablecloth by Narcissus Affair

Cake by Gambino’s Bakery

Brooch Bouquet by Bridal Brooch Bouquets


We hope you enjoyed this wedding as much as we did! Stay tuned, Two Belles has a very busy spring and are working on some super exciting projects!


Two Belles Gals

Thinking out of the box: Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

6 Dec

So, your boyfriend popped the question? Now it’s time for YOU to pop the question to those special girls in your life.


We stopped counting how many times we have been bridesmaids throughout the years. LOTS! It’s an honor, right? To stand by your BFF on her special day. To help her through all of those bridezilla moments. To be there for her epic bachelorette party. THEN there’s the dreaded “Bridesmaids dress.” You’re secretly afraid you’re going to be swallowed in hot pink tulle and poufy sleeves, aren’t you? (We’ve all been there. Your secret is safe with us!)  Image

You don’t want your girls to look miserable in every photo just because you wanted hot pink and ruffles.

But we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be SO dreadful! Take the following tips to your bride-to-be and you will also be looking fabulous as you walk down the aisle. Just try to not to outshine the bride =)

Tip #1: Get your ‘Maids opinions! 

Don’t you want your girls to be confident and dancing the night away with you? Pick a bridesmaid dress that will allow them to do so. Better yet, take them shopping with you! Let them try several on. Of course, you have to approve, but don’t you want them to have an opinion? After all, they are the ones that have to wear it (and hopefully more than once)! If you’re like us, you probably have bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes. Let them choose a style that is figure flattering! For me, I just die for a great poufy skirt and bows. Others may look better in a one shoulder, form fitting number. Allowing them to pick different styles is a great way to value their opinion while still getting what you want, too! It’s a WIN/WIN!


You can allow your ‘maids to choose a flattering style for them while still achieving that cohesive, classic look you are going for.

Tip #2: Might we suggest a more adventurous Mix & Match option? Sure, Tip #1 may be just what you were looking for but it’s almost 2013 and we are urging Brides to step outside of their bridal box. It’s ok to mix & match not only styles but colors, fabrics, and even lengths! We love Molly Sims’ bridesmaids mix & match!


Molly created a very classic, yet fashion forward, look for her bridal party. Couldn’t you just die for all of the color variations, styles, and that bold print? Kudos! Get more great tips from Molly here!

Tip #3: Don’t go too trendy! (Yep, you read that right. We love trends as much or more than the next fashionista, but keep reading to find out WHY)

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime. You don’t want your bridesmaids dresses (or your dress for that matter) to fashionably expire before you even get your proofs back from the photog. I’m sure all those brides in the 80s thought the crimped hair and enormous sleeves weren’t going to go out of style either. Keep it classic, elegant, with a touch of flair and you should be good to go. Here are some examples of some fabulous options for your ‘Maids:


Don’t you just love the dresses above?!


How dreamy is this color palette we found here!?


We love how Miranda Lambert added her own country flair to her wedding. Do you love boots? Don’t be afraid to wear ’em!


*SWOON* for these!

We hope you found some of these tips helpful and wish you many more bridesmaid dress wears in the future. We would love to hear your bridesmaid dress experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly (especially the ugly!) Let us know what you think!


Two Belles Team

Dreaming of a White Wonderland (Wedding)-Pic Heavy!

3 Dec

Good morning Belles!

I’m sure many of you always dreamed of your perfect wedding as a child. Big white dress, flowers every where, Prince Charming waiting at the end of aisle. For me, I’ve always dreamed of having a winter wedding, all white full of snow and crystal! Alas, as we sit in 75 degree weather here is south Louisiana, I realize that dream is never going to happen. Since we always want what we can’t have, let’s day dream about the wedding we could never have.

Here are some beautiful all white winter weddings, snow and all, that Two Belles is currently obsessing over:

Starting with the ceremony, these bare white branches bring you into a fairy tail. They immediately set the occasion and mood, and you feel as if you are walking into a wintery forrest.

White Wonderland Ceremony

White Wonderland Ceremony

White Winter Ceremny

White Winter Ceremny

And of course, bridesmaid without fur would not suffice! How cute is this! Cute and functional, can’t beat that!

White fur capelets for bridesmaids!

White fur capelets for bridesmaids!

On to the reception: A winter wedding is the perfect time to go over the top with flowers and crystals! There’s no such thing as a casual winter wedding and this gives you permission to go as over the top as you want! Imagine walking into a room like this! What bride wouldn’t die over this?

Reception filled with flowers! I die.

Reception filled with flowers! I die.

And just because you can’t go this over the top doesn’t mean you still can’t be fabulous! More shots of  “simpler” table decor:

Pretty and glam white tables

Pretty and glam white tables

GLAM White wedding table!

GLAM White wedding table!

And don’t forget the cake!

GLAM Winter Wedding Cakes

GLAM Winter Wedding Cakes

And a horse and carriage to drive me away! I really am dreaming now!

Dream! Amazing white winter wedding!

Dream! Amazing white winter wedding!

So, what if an all white winter wedding isn’t what you’ve always dreamed of? Maybe your taste is a little differnt (in a good way). Baam! Black and Gold Winter old Hollywood style wedding. A black and gold themed wedding is sophisticated but has just enough playfulness to keep from being stuffy. I’ve loved this style for a while. The bride that goes for the black and gold wedding is stylish, classy, and possibly a huge Saints fan. We love it, let us know if you love it too!

To Die For black gold table

To Die For black gold table

Gold and Black Wedding. So technically fall but who's counting!

Gold and Black Wedding. So technically fall but who’s counting!

And the cake! OMG these cakes! I have been obsessed with the middle cake for way too long now!

Art Deco Black Gold Cakes

Art Deco Black Gold Cakes

A few more details because I couldn’t help myself but throw a little bit of my girly side in:

Adorable Bride and Groom seats! DIY too!

Adorable Bride and Groom seats! DIY too!

How cute is this bow!

Perfect mix of girly and glam! Black and gold bow

Perfect mix of girly and glam! Black and gold bow!

That’s it for our dream of a winter wedding! Let us know what you think. How do you imagine your dream wedding?


The Two Belles Gals

*All pics are linked to the sources. Click to view original source. Thanks

Wedding candy bars!

7 Nov

Good morning Belles!!

Today’s post is all about CANDY BARS! This new trend is becoming more and more popular at weddings these days, and rightfully so!  These bars are a great treat (literaly) for your guests and are tons of fun for kids and adults alike!

Candy bars are also  an easy DIY.  Two Belles recently set up a candy bar at DeShae’s wedding and it was a hit! More on that in a later post.

In the mean time here’s some candy bar eye candy  to inspire  your own event!

Beautiful Gold and Pink Candy Bar

Two Belles is obsessed with this candy bar! It’s so elegant and fun at the same time! A good rule of thumb to really make your candy bar beautiful is to showcase candy in your wedding colors! Also have a mixture of tall and shorter vases to add depth to the table!

Sassy Black and White Candy Bar

How fun is this black and white candy bar? Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and incorporate some different elements on your big day! The wooden LOVE sign shows the mood of the event and the black feathers showcase this bride’s funky side!

All out GLAMOUR! Black and White Candy Bar

Who wouldn’t love this black and white glamour candy bar!! This is a perfect example how different touches can change the entire feel of the table!  Substitute sequins and feathers for classic white flowers and all black vases and you get a showstopper!

So you think candy bars are only for weddings?? Think again. Candy bars can be fun for fundraisers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties…you name it!

Fashion for Paws fundraiser!

How cute would this be for a little girl or boys birthday party??

Amy Atlas Candy Bar

And don’t forget CHRISTMAS!!! How perfect would this be for your holiday parties?

Christmas party candy bar

And a little teaser from DeShae’s own candy bar:

DIY Sucker Topiary!

In a later post, we will discuss all the elements that went into making DeShae’s candy bar, including a few tips on how to make this little beauty!

Don’t forget to contact Two Belles for all your event planning needs! Holiday season is coming up, no event is too big or too small for us!


Two Belles Gals

**Click pictures for sources.

Say Yes to the Dress!

29 Oct

Good morning everyone,

As many of you know one of the Belles, DeShae tied the knot this weekend! Of course, the wedding so fabulous and we will get to that soon, but today’s post is all about this beautiful bride finding her dream gown! DeShae was featured on TLC’s show Say Yes  to the Dress, and her episode aired on the season finale apply titled “Bling it on!”

Read on to find out more about DeShae’s big spot light moment!!

Now that my “Say Yes To The Dress” filming experience has ended, it has finally sunk in that it actually even happened at all! I still have to pinch myself when I think about how crazy it is that it happened to little ole me! Being the girly, frilly, wedding dress dreamer that I am, I always dreamed of going to Kleinfeld for my dress. When I applied for the show, I never even told too many people because I didn’t think it would ever happen. My own MOTHER didn’t even know! (Sorry mom, lol) But, apparently the wedding dress gods had bigger plans for me! My expectations were very VERY high of what my experience would be like at Kleinfeld. They exceeded it. It was like no other place on Earth. It was like floating on a cloud, in a dream, surrounded by the most amazing staff, dresses, atmosphere, and customer service.  (cheesy and cliche, I know!)

Walking into the front doors of the store, you can see why Kleinfeld has been the BEST of the BEST for the past 60 years. They have mastered what they do. The best day of my life will be the day I get to marry my best friend. The second best day was the day he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. The third best day was the day I became a Kleinfeld Bride. Here’s my journey:

This is me the night before my appointment.
We went to have drinks and decided to walk to Kleinfeld to check it out.
Yeah, I was stalkin’. In the rain. No big deal. Not even ashamed to admit it.

Our group arrived at Kleinfeld around 1:30EST. We checked in with the receptionist who was INTRIGUED by what we call our “Lagniappe”! We literally brought Louisiana to New York! We brought all of the workers Mardi Gras beads and introduced them to the “second line” tradition! Thanks to our close friends, Belinda and Krissi Yoder, for letting me borrow your “bridal” umbrella! It made a super special day even that much better! Every consultant that came through the waiting room came over to talk to us, greet us, ask about our umbrellas and beads, and were THRILLED to wear their own piece of Mardi Gras around their neck! Keasha came through and loved my umbrella so we took a quick picture. She is just as fabulous is person as she is on TV.

As nervous as I was, the laid-back nature of the film crew and staff helped calm all MOST of my nerves! They wanted everyone to be as natural and comfortable as possible. Everything you see on the show is exactly the way it is. I always thought that SURELY the producers, someone, makes these people act a fool. Nope. That’s just them! They literally told me that they did not want me to choose a dress JUST because I was filming for the show. If there was anything anyone could do, they would do. Everyone bent over backwards to make my experience an amazing one. I tried to take in as much of the experience as possible and as I looked around, everyone was being treated this way:

(As if I didn’t already think I was a queen)
The first thing I did was to walk around and look at some different dresses. I had to verbalize what I liked and didn’t like about the dresses I was looking at. GREAT. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t have a filter. I was trying to be as nice as possible….”too plain”  “too lacy” “this one’s ok, but not the one” and THEN IT HAPPENED. The dress that made ME come out. “OHH…MY..GOSH…UGHHHHH….THIS ONE LOOKS LIKE BIG BIRD….I DON’T THINK SO!!” (and anyone that knows me can probably envision my face and exactly how I said it!) The camera man laughed out loud. I cringed a little thinking about the fact that I was probably going to get hate mail from whatever designer killed a million little ostriches to get all those feathers on that dress. I know what you’re thinking. Feathers are fabulous. Yes, they are. I love feathers. But, THIS, whew~ I just can’t describe it. The only words that came to mind, apparently, was big bird. And that’s all folks!
I got to have a seat with my “entourage” for a little while waiting on my consultant to come and get me. Her name was Jenny and she was a PERFECT, PERFECT fit for me! We all just love her! I did take a picture with her BUT, as much as everyone would want to see it because I am in THE dress, you’ll have to wait! She was getting me squeezed into a dress and I told her to keep on pulling because breathing was optional. (another laugh from the camera lady). I showed her a few pictures of things I liked and things I didn’t like. Missy, Destanee, and I sat up in our hotel room looking through bridal mags the night before. It was a lot of fun!
Before little Jenny even got to bring me some dresses she thought I would love, I was approached by Henry Roth. For those of you who do watch SYTTD, you would recognize him:
For everyone that really knows me, you know I’m a people pleaser. (OK OK, you can pick your jaw off the floor now. Shocking, I know! But it is true) So, Jenny asked me if I wanted to go show everyone the dress. At that point, I probably should have just said no because I really hated the dress. The whole people pleaser thing wins. I go out in the dress. I guess I just did it for fun. The look on Missy’s and everyone’s face was just priceless. No one said a word. LOL (CONGRATULATIONS Henry Roth, You shut my entire entourage up! Not an easy feat!) Anyway, he was watching me in the dress and the detail of the dress was immaculate. There was just SO much detail in it that I felt like I was drowning in it. After that fiasco was over, it was BUSINESS TIME!
Jenny went out and found a few dresses and loved them ALL! There were 3 basic things I was looking for in a dress (no, I’m not telling you what they are!). The first dress was pretty and had 1 of those three things. Then you start the whole “if you change this part of the dress, take this off, add this, and multiply this~ it’s perfect” Well, if you have to change, add, delete, or multiply anything on a dress….
After this dress, Jenny had a “LIGHT BULB” moment! I got excited and nervous at the same time! Anxious to see what she had come up with! I just waited very impatiently in my dressing room chatting with the producer (who was female and never filmed while I was changing…That’s a whole different kind o’ show!)
Remember, Jenny brought in a slew of dresses for me to try on. I only tried on 1 of her picks when she had her light bulb moment. She came in and hung two dresses up- side by side. She said that her “light bulb” dress was about $1200 OVER my budget, did I want to try it on? As a good girl who loves her daddy and doesn’t want him to die of a heart attack before my wedding, I said no. So we went right back to the first set of dresses and started trying them on. The second dress I tried on was good but I didn’t get the feeling that it was “THE” dress. It was definitely a front runner! It was also similar to one of the dresses that she brought in after her “light bulb” moment. When mom said that she wished 1 part of the dress was a little different, I said “OHHH, MOM! You should SEE this dress that she brought in, it was like *this* and like *that* and the bottom was *this* and it was AMAZING but it was way over budget =( “
I was crying on the inside when…..
Jenny came to the rescue!!
She told me that the dress I was describing to my mom was NOT the dress that was over budget!!!! It was the OTHER dress that was over budget!!! The dress I had fallen in LOVE with was still in my budget and I could try it on! I knew before I even tried it on that I was done. This was THE dress, I just knew it! Tried it on and Jenny hadn’t even finished getting me in the thing and I was already squealing like a little school girl. She couldn’t see me but she said “THAT sounds like a good sign!!” And it was! It took everything I had not to do a happy dance…OK, maybe I did a happy dance!
Here’s how the logistics were from when I tried a dress on to when my entourage could see it. I would go to my dressing room (it was one of the 4 rooms surrounding the ‘smaller’ pedestal where brides are sometimes on the show), try on the dress, and when I was ready I would come out and wait at the corner before entering the main bridal floor. They had crew making sure all the cameras were ready. Once they were, I was able to walk out and show everyone the dress. If you ask ANYONE that was there~ Mom, Destanee, Dara, Missy, Shannon~ they will all say the same thing. As SOON as I walked out and they saw my face they just KNEW. They knew that this was THE dress. Now, something you may not think about~ I walk out and stand on the pedestal and drop the skirt (since you have to hold it up to not trip while walking). Your entourage can’t see anything but the back of your dress because of the way the mirrors are angled. When they have the bride turn around, that is the first time they are seeing the FULL dress! Before I even turned around, every one of them was crying! Don’t get me wrong, I was right there with them! Everyone asks me what my dress is like, I just tell them it’s very “DeShae” because I deserve my own adjective.

The beautiful bride in her NYC gown!

Doesn’t she look lovely, folks?? More of DeShae’s amazing Southern Bridals will be featured in a later post, so stay tuned!

That’s all for the day. Don’t forget to contact the Two Belles for all your event planning dreams! Southern Flare. Any Budget.


The Two Belle Gals