What to wear to Holiday Parties!

1 Dec

Happy December 1st everybody!

With today being the first day of December (finally), we’ve been thinking a lot about upcoming Christmas and holiday parties! Whether it’s work parties, friends or family parties, we’ve got tips to be the best dressed there!


First up: The dreaded work party! You want to look stylish and pretty but don’t want to stand out in a bad way, right? Not as easy as it seems. No matter what, do not go trashy. Save your sexy clothes for your friends and time away from work. Trust us, you don’t want to be the laughing stock of the office because of a scandalous outfit, or worse a nip slip.

Tasteful outfits for a work party

Tasteful outfits for a work party

These outfits are all stand out worthy without showing alot of skin! Festive colors fit the occasion, while fun accessories make it your own! Throw on a black blazer, or fur coat to complete your ensemble! The green is a personal favorite, couldn’t you just die?

Next up: Parties with your friends!

Holiday parties with your friends are the perfect occasion to go all out fun! Don’t be afraid to pull out those sequins! Some ladies are afraid of wearing sequins, but here is an example of how to dress up or dress down sequins. Worried that sequin skirt it a little too much? Throw on a chunky cable knit in a coordinating color and some suede booties and you get festive casual!


How to wear sequins: Dress up or down!

How to wear sequins: Dress up or down!

I’m coveting those tan suede booties with glitter heels right now. *Hint hint mom and fiance*

And finally: Spending the holidays with your family! When at home for the holidays, you’re going to want to be comfortable but still festive! Perfect time to pull out those stretchy skinnies and a big slouchy sweater! Boots complete the ensemble!

What to wear: At home for the holidays!

What to wear: At home for the holidays!

Choose a sweater in a festive color such as red or a big Nordic print cardigan. Nordic prints are big for winter and are super comfy to boot!

So there you have it! What are you wearing this holiday season? Let us know what you think!

And don’t forget to take the hassle out of the holidays and call Two Belles to plan/decorate your holiday parties this year!


The Two Belles Gals




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